Was $69.99 Now $49.99 each
DRY HERB SUBMARINE - BLACK - Was $69.99 Now $49.99
DRY HERB SUBMARINE - BLUE - Was $69.99 Now $49.99
DRY HERB SUBMARINE - RED - Was $69.90 Now $49.99
DRY HERB SUBMARINE - SILVER GREY - Was $69.90 Now $49.99

The Submarine is a sleek new dry herb vaporizer with a 2200mAh battery and ceramic chamber, the Submarine offers a tasteful vaping experience with smooth pulls and even heat distribution

The Submarine is well built and its cone shape nicely feels natural to hold. The device is easy to use and is operated with the use of a single button, 5 clicks will turn the device on. Three clicks will toggle between three temperatures using smart LED control: Red 200℃, Purple 220℃ and Green 240℃. The Smart LED function also indicates three battery levels.

In a market brimming with overpriced and over complicated dry herb Vaporizers the Submarine is breath of fresh vapor. With its simple yet functional design, 2200mAh battery and ceramic chamber it outperforms many vaporizers which are offered at twice the price.


1 X Submarine body
1 X T metal board
1 X Black Drip Tip
2 X Cotton swab
1 X Brush
1 X Herb Spoon
1X USB Cable
1 X User Manual

Submarine Vaporizer Operating Guidelines,

Before starting all the steps make sure the device is fully charged and loaded with Herb .

Step 1 : click 5 times to turn on the device ( green light will flash )

 Step 2: Hold the button for 3 seconds ( red, purple or green light with flash slowly that means it's heating )

Step 3 : Wait for 1-2 minutes until flashing stops after that its ready to use .

To change Temperature setting : 
After Step 2 , click 3 times it will change the colour of the led that will show what temperature if set on .

Red: 200 degrees Celsius
Purple : 220 degrees Celsius
Green : 240 degrees Celsius